ZiniTevi Latest Update.

ZiniTevi provides its massive bulk of Movies for free for its users.

This a[application is the best free Movie streaming freeware on both iOS and Android.

Application has updated with newer features and other bug fixings.

So please be aware all the latest updates of this Movie streaming application.

On the 10th of September,

ZiniTevi team updated its version for jailbroken iOS to the latest version. Please refer to ZiniTevi official site to get it on your jailbroken device.

On 14th of September,

ZiniTevi replaces apple’s development certificate with a new one. If the ZiniTevi app isn’t working on your iOS device now you can delete the old app and re-download it from the official site of ZiniTevi.

On 26th of September,

ZiniTevi updated its DNS clock settings

Configure your app with a new DNS clock to avoid apple’s revoke issue. Follow these seven-step guides.

1. First, turn off HTTP proxy. 
Follow this path.
Settings>> WIFI >> i button >> HTTP proxy
2. Download both Applerevoking.txt and DNS clock from the ZiniTevi official site and Apple’s apps store respectively.
3. As the next step open installed the DNS clock app. Toggle on the ‘Connect on-demand button that can be found under its settings.
4. Turn on ‘Enable blacklist’ and when a menu pops up select the previously downloaded ‘Applerevoking.txt’ file.
5. Now on the main menu there is an a-and-a section. Navigate to that section and tap on the button named ‘use this server’.
6. Before closing the DNS clock make sure that the VPN service is functioning as excepted.
Settings>> General>>VPN and device management >> VPN
7. Turn on both ‘status’ and connect ‘on-demand’ toggles.
If the DNS clock is up and running you will get a message like this when you try to search after typing ppq.apple.com in the Safari browser.

Even after you update the app with a DNS clock, if this application doesn’t function on your device properly, there might have something to do with your internet service provider or your countries’ rules and regulations. Under such circumstances try accessing this app with a different internet service provider or access this app using a VPN.

Although ZiniTevi developers put apps on Apple’s test flight platform, apple keeps locking their accounts frequently. The sad news is that still, the ZiniTevi developer team hasn’t been able to come up with a reliable solution to circumvent apple’s eagle eye. 

Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates on the ZiniTevi app.

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