Privacy Policy highly aware about the users privacy and always protect user privacy.But at some times we collect important & essential information from users with their 100% acceptance.We are collecting all all information from the users extremely to provide a lawful & satisfied service to them.Thus we do expect that all users visit to should be aware about the privacy policy terms & conditions properly with their fully knowledge as well as consent.

Where we must highlight that CucoTV or its contents are not belong to copyrights must be own to CucoTV original owner/owners.Therefore we are not taking any responsibility on issues that might be occur when you are using this application on your device indeed.Thus users must take their own responsibility about the risk and issues.We have provided some important downloading links and images which not possess or inherent on only for educational purpose.In this website we are not selling any product or promote any application including CucoTV.So this website extremely for your knowledge and educational purpose.

How do we collect your information

As an educational website we collect only your email address & Name only.This website is a knowledge center and you can ask any question or can produce any problem as well as suggestion via your email address.Thats why we ask your email address to reply you and give our feedback to your request.Thus we mention you to not provide any other your personal information such as password or user name or users ID at any time specially your credit card details.Our service is 100% free for our users.

What type of Data that we collect & Purpose?

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Purpose of using

These data we collect to provide you a satisfied service related to your requests.Where we collect some important data to maintain our statistics that how many times users have been visited to our site and what are the ways that they have been touched.Then we evaluate the important sides that we should improve to provide our service through knowledge.We are highly appreciate users comments and suggestions to improve our service through a fruitful & effective way.

Cookies Data

We are not using Cookies data with this website.

Information Detention Period

All collected information we detention until we provide you a satisfied service related to your problem.After we provide your needs we delete and completely removing all your collected information with an email verification.Thus we ensure on users that we protect your information during the detention period.

Personal Information Protection

We are highly affiliated with to protect collected information.We highly aware to protect your information from abusing and misusing.We ensure that we have keep protected your information during the detention period.

Privacy Policy Update

We update our privacy policy terms and conditions regularly so that Advantageously on users.Users privacy protection is our main goal while providing trusted and effective educational guides.So users must read our privacy policy very often and be knowledgeable about our privacy policy terms & conditions to protect from unwanted and fake information collections.