MediaBox HD.

Hello cinephiles! What’s up peeps?  Are you guys incapable of going out to watch movies in this epoch due the prevailing pandemic situation? If so, you may thoroughly feel the necessity of an application which can be downloaded in no time through which you’ll be able to watch the latest movies as soon as they release. What if that application that you are looking for, becomes a premium app and you’ll be watch HD quality movies through it?  Will you give a second thought to choose it as your all time favourite movie watching app?  So without much boasting let me introduce this app. It is none other than MediaBox HD and it will be the ideal solution for all your worries regarding movie watching. It will keep you in line with your favourite leisure time activity for it’s an incomparable wonderful streaming app. All you need to do is, installing this MediaBox HD app to your handheld iOS device which will consume only few seconds. It will undoubtedly provide you with an unprecedented movie experience at no cost. Similarly, you will surely love the user friendly and the eye catching interface that this app has. Let’s see how this magical app functions. 

 Introduction For MediaBox HD

  If we are to introduce what this MediaBox HD actually means, it is one of the top ranking, high quality movie watching third party app.   Apart from the movies, this app will allow you to watch your favourite TV series, dramas and cartoons too. Further the app will obviously cater to all kinds of movie watching needs of yours as it doesn’t restrict to  single genre. Movies belonging to different genres ranging from Romance, Thriller, Action, Horror, Mystery, Drama, Crime, Animation, Fantasy and many more can be enjoyed thorough this app. So as per your interest you can select movies and watch them. Not only that you can choose in between the genres, but you can also choose movies and tv shows in between different languages.  Moreover as its motto says, you will find MediaBox HD as the best source of entertainment not only to you, but also to your whole family. As it comes with a huge catalogue for the huge collection of movies available, you’ll easily be able to track the movies or TV shows that you want to watch. Also, it is 100% safe to install this app into your iOS device and most importantly you don’t want to jailbreak your iOS device to install this app. 

How To Download MediaBox HD & Install.

You will wonder if I say that this app can easily be installed to your iOS device without a big hassel. There are two ways to install this app. But before installing the MediaBox HD app, make sure the battery of your device is above 20% and make sure not to switch off it while the app is being installed. If it’s switched off, you will have to repeat the process. After having met all these requirements, you just have to follow these simple steps. 

Method 1 ( Direct download)

1. First open your favourite safari browser and type MediaBox HD iOS in the search bar. 
2. Then you will see the official website of the app as MediaBox Then access the website that you see on the top.
3. Next select the download option you see in the website. Then tap on the first option iOS and then tap on install option.
4. Then you’ll get a confirmation window and you have to tap on the install button again in order to confirm your action. 
5. As soon as you confirm, the installation process will begin
6. After some time the installation will be completed and then go to Settings and as you scroll down you’ll see ‘General’ then ‘Profile and Device Management’ option. Then tap on it to open it.
7. Here you will find newly installed MediaBox HD app and you will need to tap on ‘Trust’ option to enable it. 
8. Now at this stage the app is ready and you can open the app via your iOS device and enjoy movies as per your whims and fancies. Updates will be notified to you via the app itself and make sure to get the updates on time. 

Method 2 (Using AppValley)

Apart from downloading directly from the website, you can download it via AppValley which is another third party app. For that, first you’ll have to install AppValley if its not currently available in your iOS device. The whole process are vividly explained in the following steps.

1. Open the Safari browser and access the link

2. Tap on ‘install’
3. Then you’ll get a pop up message as “This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration file. Do you want to allow?” Tap on  ‘Allow’ option.
4. Go to Settings» General» Profile and Device Management
5. Then select the AppValley profile and then tap on install.
6. Next enter your passcode to complete the process
7.  Now you can launch the AppValley. Open it and type MediaBox HD in the search bar.
8. Then you will see the search results and tap on Get and then on install. 
9. When the installation process is complete go back to Settings and give permission by tapping on the Trust option. 
10. Finally you can launch the app and it’s ready to use. 

Unique Features Of MediaBox HD

  Most of the people tend to rely on the MediaBox HD app above all its counterparts, because of its unique features. Let’s have a glance at these miraculous features specifically endemic to MediaBox HD. 

1. You can download the app to your iOS device without spending a even a penny. Even after installing the app, you can stream or download movies for absolutely free.
2. There’s a user-friendly, well-organized and eye catching interface and it will obviously help you to find the movies or TV shows that you prefer without much effort.  3. The quality of the videos are very high (HD quality) compared to most of other similar apps.  4. You will not be disturbed by the unwanted annoying advertisements. So that you can enjoy your favourite movies without any hassel.
5. Its 100% safe to install MediaBox HD app in your iOS device and most significantly it can be installed even in the non-jailbroken   devices too. Apart from that, since you don’t have register anywhere or go through sign up process, you will not have to provide any of your personal details too. 
6. External video players like VLC media  player, MX player are also supported for the app.
 7. All options like Directing Streaming, Offline Watching, Kids Mode can be enjoyed via this app. But for offline watching, you will have to download the movie beforehand.
8. You can activate the Subtitles from Open Subtitle, Popcorn-Time and Subscene.
9. MediaBox HD supports applications like Chromecast, Apple Air Play, Smart-TV, Roku and Wifi Sharing.
10. According to the genre of the movie, you can select your theme colour ranging from light to dark colours and it will be much appealing to your aesthetic instincts. 

MediaBox HD Supportive iOS Versions

MediaBox HD is compatible with almost all the  iOS versions including the latest iOS 15 version. So you don’t need to worry about the current version that runs in your iOS device when installing the app to your device. 

How To Navigate through MediaBox HD

Go to the category you want. You can choose between movies, tv shows, dramas, cartoons etc. Keep activated ‘Auto play when you stream’ option. 
How to recover the app that doesn’t work or when it’s crashed.
1. If you only view a black or white screen when you open MediaBox HD, you can follow the following instructions. ons. 

1.1 Close the app with the issue. Then open it again. Then it will work properly.
1.2 Power off the device and restart. 1.3 Wait till the battery of your phone dies and as a result the device will turn off automatically.  Next put it into charge and then press power  button. Then the app will function properly.
1.4 If any of the above steps doesn’t work, you’ll have to uninstall the MediaBox HD app and reinstall it by following any of  the aforesaid methods. 
2. If your MediaBox HD doesn’t load or work properly
2.1 First check your internet connection
 2.2 If it’s ok the app server may be down. Try after some time and it would work. 
 2.3  May be because a too many users are using the app at the same time. You may try after few minutes and then it’ll load properly
3. If you have login issues
 3.1. First check your internet connection
 3.2. The app server may be down and you may try after few minutes

3.3. The credentials that you entered may be wrong. Recheck them and try to login

 3.4.  Your account may be restricted or deactivated. You can verify it by reading a the error messages that you have already received. 


To sum up, the MediaBox HD is the only free application that reigns on the top in the market. The variety of unique features that the app offers to its users keep them connected to the app. So if you wonder which app to install to watch movies via your iOS device, feel free use this app once. Then you yourself will perceive the difference. We  guarantee the MediaBox HD will give a marvellous cinematic experience after all.

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