How to Turn on Wi-Fi Connection Using 3uTools?


You may query the detailed specifications of the currently attached components of the iOS device and whether they are authentic using the “Accessories Detection” function in the 3uTools toolbox.


  • This function is only available when the “Wi-Fi connection” mode is selected. The following are the precise procedures to activate the “Wi-Fi connection.”
  • Make sure your iPhone/iPad and the computer where 3uTools is installed are on the same local area network.
  • 3uTools, go to the “Toolbox,” locate “Accessibility,” and turn on “Wi-Fi Connection” (automatic Wi-Fi connection to the computer).

It is only necessary to switch on the above steps the first time; there is no need to repeat the procedure after that. Disconnect the data wire after that. When the iPhone and computer are both connected to the same local area network, unlock the iPhone screen and wait a few moments for 3uTools to connect to the iPhone automatically.


  • If your iPhone is still not linked to 3uTools through Wi-Fi after a lengthy period, try restarting 3uTools, your iPhone, or your PC.
  • 3uTools will immediately disconnect and urge you to connect with a USB cable if the iPhone is locked in the middle of a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi connection can be maintained by re-locking the iPhone screen.
  • Attach the headset or data cord to the device’s Lighting interface after connecting through Wi-Fi, but do not connect the USB end to the computer.
  • In the 3uTools toolbox, open “Accessories Test” and then “Test Data Cable/Test Accessories-Start Test”.
  • Wait for the 3uTools detection to finish before seeing the full findings.

Test Result Description.

  1. “Apple Inc” is listed as the manufacturer, indicating that the item is authentic.

Note: Just because you can’t tell if an item is real or not doesn’t imply it isn’t. Some genuine original accessories will also be presented as empty due to batch issues.

  • The manufacturer is shown as “None,” indicating that the discovered

Note: “The item is made by a third-party manufacturer” refers to a third-party manufacturer who has been approved by Apple MFi to make the accessory.

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